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51 Reported Deaths from Popular ADHD Treatment!

51 Reported Deaths from Popular ADHD Treatment!
Psychologist and Author Discusses the Truth about Treating ADHD

WILMINGTON/WILLARD, NORTH CAROLINA - 9/20/2008 - Fifty-one deaths were reported in the United States alone that were linked with Ritalin (a popular medication prescribed for ADHD) use in a 5 year period. This was enough to cause alarm among the medical community and prompted an FDA investigation which eventually led to a 2006 recommendation to include a black box warning with the medication. So let's try to put these "51 deaths" in perspective; let's say that there are roughly 2-3 million prescriptions written each month for Ritalin in the United States alone.

Let's just assume that most of these 2-3 million are repeat consumers and are the same 2-3 million that month-in and month-out purchase Ritalin. So conservatively speaking, 51 out of about 3 million people receiving Ritalin died in some way as a result of medication.
Some argued that Ritalin was directly responsible, while the FDA committees countered that these deaths were related to undiagnosed heart conditions. However you divvy up the numbers and explain them, the fact remains that 51 people died while using Ritalin. The numbers come out that you have a 1 in roughly 60,000 chance of dying a death related to Ritalin use. Terrible numbers if you play professional baseball. If you own a gambling casino in Vegas and have to pay out based on those numbers, those aren't bad odds. If you are the mother, father or family member of one of those 51 unfortunate children/teens who died while taking Ritalin, throw out the numbers, they don't matter. The pain in your heart cuts intensely like a dagger and the statistics don't mean a thing to you!

The preceeding paragraph is an excerpt from Dr. Thomas' new book, Turbo Charged Childhood. Dr. Thomas discusses ADHD and the treatment options for the estimated 15 million Americans that have now been diagnosed with the disorder. In his new book, Dr. Thomas presents a number of non-medication interventions that have worked for many families with an ADHD member. He combines his 28 years of clinical experience with a human touch. The result is a compassionate and humerous look at many of the problems that kids and families face while trying to manage problems associated with ADHD. The book answers such questions as:
*Do non-medication approaches work?
*What is the truth about medications?
*How do you educate the ADHD child?
*How do you maintain a healthy family life living with an ADHD child?
*How do you protect your marriage under the stress of raising an ADHD child?

Dr. Thomas addresses these issues and more in his new book, Turbo Charged Childhood! This book is a must read for any parent faced with the dilimena of medicating a child battling ADHD. It is also a powerful resource for teachers, guidance counselors and mental health professionals.

What others are saying about Turbo Charged Childhood...

"MUST for any PARENT or TEACHER that has a healthy "WILD" Child. Great for adults who have trouble focusing as well...and the story about the German shepherds was great!"~Ted S

It was full of information...Dr. Thomas has made complex information easy to read & understandable...a must read for anyone dealing with the issues related to ADHD.~Chris S.

Effective nutrition needed for Attention Deficit Disorders

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