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This is Part One of a Three Part Series.

Supplements You May Need, but Might Not Know About: Part 1

Over the next three weeks, Nutrition Line will discuss the benefits of three supplements found in Biometics products that many people need, but are not commonly known.
Fat Reducer: Conjugated Linoleic Acid Conjugated

Linoleic Acid (CLA) has proved useful for fat reduction, boosting the immune system and potentially fighting cancer.

The most compelling evidence to date, focuses on ability of CLA to reduce fat, build lean muscle mass, boost resting metabolic rate, and maybe make dieting a little more pleasant. Studies have shown that CLA can help you to maintain the weight once you lose it, but it is still necessary to eat right and exercise while dieting.

In a recent study, researchers put 60 overweight men on restricted diets. After dieting, half of the group took CLA while the other group took a placebo. At the end of 13-weeks, the men who took the CLA had more lean muscle mass than the others. Given that muscle boosts the rate at which your body burns calories, this would allow those who took CLA to lose weight more easily.

Another study on CLA and weight loss found that dieters who took CLA experienced fewer headaches and stomach problems while dieting than other groups. Many other studies reported health benefits of CLA including lower triglycerides, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

CLA’s use in cancer treatment could potentially be substantial, but it is not as well researched. Sixteen years ago, the researcher, Michael W. Pariza PhD, and his colleagues identified an anti-cancer chemical as a form of linoleic acid found in meat and dairy products. Since these findings, scientists have come to regard CLA with much respect when it comes to cancer treatment. One researcher noted that CLA shows, “near-term promise” for fighting cancer.

Although the reason for the potential of CLA to fight cancer is unclear, recent evidence shows that it does have a positive effect on the immune system. A new Netherlands study found that men who took a commercially available form of CLA developed stronger immunity after a vaccination to immune response. There is also some evidence that CLA could potentially inhibit allergic reactions.

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