Thursday, September 25, 2008


Starbucks Tops Caffeine Content

A recent study on caffeine content led by the Wall Street Journal found that many gourmet coffee shops such as Starbucks and Gloria Jeans have as much as two times as much caffeine than coffee from 7-11, Dunkin’ Donuts and Folgers coffee.

A “grande” or medium sized 16 oz. cup of Starbucks house blend coffee has an average of 223 mg. of caffeine and an espresso drink of the same size has about 320 mg. of caffeine per cup. Folgers was found to have 170 mg. of caffeine per 16 oz. cup.

Researchers said that many people who drink specialty coffee regularly do so because they do not want to face the negative effects that occur if coffee is not consumed such as headache, drowsiness and difficulty concentrating for up to five days after quitting. To differentiate coffee from alcohol and drug addicts, scientists term those who are addicted to coffee “physically dependent.” For those who are “physically dependent” on coffee, the longer he or she is accustomed to drinking high levels of caffeine, the harder it is to break the habit.

The report also said that about 12 percent of people who go to specialty coffee shops do so four or more times per week. This means that if someone were to get a 16 oz. espresso drink every time they visited a specialty coffee shop, they would be spending at least $56.00 per month on coffee alone. Representatives from several coffee chains said that the high amount of caffeine in their coffees was not to increase sales from dependent customers, but to make the best tasting coffee possible.

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