Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Resisting Sugar Cravings On Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and even if you don’t have kids with full bags of trick-or-treat candies, most people will stock up on candy to hand out to the visitors. Unfortunately the temptation will get the better of some of us, and we end up indulging a little too much.

Candy and other sweets are digested and turned into glucose quickly. This sudden supply of glucose in the blood creates a “sugar rush.” To counter the over-abundance of glucose, the pancreas sends insulin out into the blood to lower the sugar levels. The sugar rush is over quickly, and the body reacts to the lack of glucose in the blood by feeling hungry again. The resulting up and down of blood sugar can mean that we feel “cravings” for the Halloween candies sitting right next to us.

How do we keep an even keel during this trying night? Staying full can help. Taking a fiber supplement is a good choice, since it can give the sensation of fullness. Taking supplements that help combat the urge for sweets and help to balance blood sugar levels is an even better choice.

The herb Gymnema Sylvestre is frequently found in diet aid supplements because it has been studied for many years for its ability to control blood sugar and help with diabetes. Scientists studying the effects of Gymnema on diabetes have found at least nine different natural chemicals (called “gymnemic acids”) which have an effect on the body’s blood sugar levels. It seems to work by helping the body use insulin more effectively.

Vanadium, more commonly known as Vanadyl Sulfate, is a supplement that researchers say seems to mimic the effects of insulin in the body, although they are not sure why or how it works. It is through this ability to mimic insulin that Vanadium supports how the body uses glycogen (the form of blood sugar when it is stored in the body) and maintains blood glucose levels.

These supplements are considered very safe, with no known side effects, and can be taken together with no adverse interactions. Due to its effects on blood sugar, anyone with diabetes may wish to check with their doctor before taking Gymnema Sylvestre.

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