Friday, October 31, 2008

Can Omega-3s Benefit Your Child?

Supplements of omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent asthmatic cough and allergy to house dust mites in children, according to Australian researchers, which adds powerful new evidence to the continuing debate about the effect omega-3s have on children.

In the past, omega-3 fatty acids have been used to potentially improve heart health and mental health in all individuals. The results from recent research could prove beneficial in widening the span of potential health benefits omega-3s have to offer, especially for children. This new study found that children who are predisposed to allergies may benefit from omega-3 supplementation. The results showed these children to have less asthmatic cough, however no benefit was seen in children who were not predisposed to allergies.

Past studies have found omega-3s to benefit children’s health when taken during pregnancy. Omega-3s are critical to normal eye and vision development. Babies who are deficient in omega-3s may not respond properly to light and may have behavioral and vision problems. Omega-3 fatty acids accumulate in the brain and eyes during the last trimester, which may be why premature infants are at a much higher risk of developing irreversible nerve and vision damage. Consuming these nutrients before and during pregnancy could potentially assure your baby will benefit later in life. Omega-3 supplements? Omega-3s reduce cough in allergic children. May11, 2004.

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