Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Your Heart Is In Your Hands

Making healthy decisions now will lead to a happy, healthy heart.

There are so many men and women having and dying from heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. When the heart muscle dies, there is little one can do.

It’s an epidemic!

We take the family out to eat at fast food places or to a nice restaurant to enjoy a good, big fat steak, baked potato with lots of butter and a cocktail.

You may ask, “How can one huge meal, even with all those fats, trigger an attack?“

It’s not from just that one meal, it’s from a lifestyle of eating. Nearly one million Americans die each year of heart and blood vessel diseases, and heart disease accounts for 30 percent of deaths worldwide. People, we are dying of heart disease because of the way we eat.

You cannot take one pill, no matter how powerful, and then follow it with a huge fat meal of pork ribs, French fries, ice cream and soda.

Reduce your intake of foods that may be killing you.

Don’t wait for a symptom!

If your waiting for a signal, it will probably come too late. Approximately 40 percent of people will develop a heart attack and not even have a symptom.

Don’t think, “Well, when I have chest pains, or I start feeling something in my heart, then I’ll change my behavior and change my eating habits.” A heart attach strikes when you least expect it.

The heart is an organ about the size of your fist that beats day and night, at sixty to eighty beats a minute. Two main arteries encircle the heart, supplying it with blood and oxygen.

As time goes on, you get nicks or little injuries, in the lining of those arteries from thing like high blood pressure, stress, inhaling smoke, or eating the wrong foods. In order to heal the injuries, the body deposit’s a cholesterol type of band-aid patch on the injuries, leaving a cholesterol deposit. Year after year, you have more and more of these patches lining your arteries, that allows less and less blood to flow through. Leading to heart disease.

The treatment…angioplasty and stent. A procedure in which a tiny plastic tube (a stent) is inserted to an already blocked artery, allowing blood to flow through.
Then there is bypass surgery. These are NOT the TRUE answer to the problem of heart disease!

We must start to focus on the ROOT CAUSES of the disease and avoid foods and other substances that cause injury to the lining of the blood vessels. Cardiac bypass surgery cost up to $44,000, angioplasty, up to $15,000 with each stent that is put in costing $2,000 each.
Prevention of heart disease costs mere pennies on the dollar.

Many say, “It’s heredity. My dad, and grandfather had it, I guess I’ll have it too.”

In most cases heart disease is not a problem of heredity but of lifestyle, diet and nutrition…what we are putting into our bodies. More often than not, your family is passing down bad eating habits, not heart disease.

What foods do I avoid?

Foods high in sugar and foods that are highly processed. Avoid trans fats completely, limit fried foods and saturated fats and choose healthy fats.

The most important thing you can do to fight heart disease is to understand that your body, according to 1 Corinthians 6:19,20, does not belong to you but belongs to God, and we are to glorify God in our body.

How do we glorify God in our body?

By choosing to lay on the altar foods that are destroying our health. It could be French fries, ice cream, fried chicken, or before bedtime, cookies soda or potato chips.

God desires that you have perfect health both spiritually and physically.

"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." 3 John 2

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