Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Case of Life and Death

I received this from a friend and found it worth sharing on my blog.

A Case of Life and Death

There was a patient suffering from the chronic malfunctioning of a vital organ due to a faltering immune system weakened by environmental pollution, stress, and age. Bacterial, viral, and fungal infections had caused inflammation leading to the formation of an inoperable cancerous growth accompanied by excruciating pain. He was hospitalized and chemotherapy and powerful drugs were prescribed to slow the growth of the cancer and mitigate his pain. But the chemotherapy and synthetic pharmaceuticals further weakened the patient’s immune system and damaged the molecular structure of his DNA. Finally, the doctor believed that he had done everything he could. So he told the patient’s family that he had a
month to six weeks to live, and sent him home, recommending a hospice program.

The patient and most of his family accepted the bleak prognosis, and began a death watch. But one family member, the man’s daughter, who happened to be a massage therapist, had heard of a naturopathic doctor who had many successes in saving terminal cancer patients using therapeutic-grade essential oils. She suggested this alternative and was ridiculed by most of the other family members. Because they had been indoctrinated throughout their lives by hospital and pharmaceutical ads presenting allopathic medicine as the epitome of modern health care, and the only hope, they thought she was crazy. In spite of their ridicule, she persisted, and the family finally agreed to let her consult with the naturopathic doctor and follow his advice. After all, Frank (not his real name) was dying.

Because Frank is in hospice, the naturopath recommends discontinuing the
chemotherapy and all drugs, and prescribes a daily regimen of topical application, ingestion and inhalation of frankincense and other therapeutic-grade essential oils. The regimen also includes taking vitamins and food supplements fortified with essential oils three times per day. The naturopath suggests that Frank reject the death sentence pronounced by the allopathic doctor and try to believe that recovery is possible. The daughter starts the program, makes sure Frank is adhering to the daily regimen, reads to him from inspirational books, and repeats over and over. You have the right to choose. You can choose to live. God’s healing light surrounds you, and in all your body’s cells God’s healing light is shining. You are entirely well for God’s perfection is within them.

Some of the family members objected, saying that they had already spent almost one hundred thousand dollars on hospital and doctor bills, and they felt it was insane to spend more. But Frank likes what his daughter is doing. He seems to be getting better. He feels more like he did before all the drugs, and so the family relents. Within three weeks, Frank is feeling much better. A month later, Frank is almost pain free, and decides to go back to the hospital for an x-ray. The x-ray shows that the tumor is less than half the size it was when Frank left the hospital. The doctor is amazed and declares it to be natural remission which he says sometimes happens. When Frank tells him what he has been doing, the doctor laughs at him, and tells him if he doesn’t go back on chemotherapy immediately, the cancer is going to rebound worse than ever, but Frank perseveres with his daughter, and six months later he goes back to his doctor for another round of tests. To the doctor’s amazement, the cancer is gone. There’s no sign of it whatsoever. He tells Frank, you know we must have just misdiagnosed this. Frank insists that what his daughter has done made the difference. His doctor says, Well if you think it’s helping, that’s good. The doctor has another patient, so he can’t take time to find out what Frank is doing. Whatever it is, he ays, just keep doing it.

I find it amazing that the doctor still does not believe anything other than chemo or drugs could help his patients, even though the proof is right before his eyes!! Seeing is not always believing, I guess. You would think that the doctor would sit down with this patient and see what he did so he can help others, but alas, this is not going to happen...

Hope ~ Helping Other People Excel...Keep believing, there’s nothing God can’t do!!


BeaK. said...

Debbie, this is a beautiful and inspiring story...and it is so true that we do have so many more choices than we are led to believe.

Modern medicine is not about healing at the base line, it is about treating the symptom.

And sadly in many cases, no symptoms , no pay check for the doctors.

It should be a crime to discount all the wonderful healing options God has placed in our grasp and those who have the power and the means to utilize them for the good of the masses refuses to take heed.

I do not believe we are meant to die from a sick and diseased body.

Thanking my Lord for the blessings he has offered us...just for the taking.

Bea Kunz

Prosper and Be In Health said...

Yes Bea, it is very sad how our medical field operates. God has blessed us with MANY natural remedies to use. On earth as it is in heave is what God desires for our bodies..sickness is not in heaven and should not be on earth..if people would learn to take care of themselves and use what God has provided, there would be many healthy people.

In Daniel, chapter 1, Daniel challenged the king about their eating for 10 days...daniel and his men were found healthier after eating what God provided instead of eating the king's delicacies.

Debbie's L'Bri said...

This is so true... Doctors don't make money when people are not sick.

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