Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To Boost Your Energy

Reaching yet for another coffee or energy drink? It may be time to look for another solution to your fatigue.

Sales of caffeine~charged energy drinks have doubled since 2004, despite ~ or maybe because of ~ the waning economy.

All of which raises the question: Why are Americans so tired?

One answer is that while newer “energy” products, as well as the traditional cup of coffee, may give you a temporary buzz, they can leave you feeling more fatigued in the long run. Another is that many of us are just too busy, and our 24/7 access to entertainment and information can also be an energy drain.

There's a huge shakeup... and some people are getting nervous!

Everything that makes Biometics so incredible...The Taste, The Absorption, and okay... The Stuff WORKS! All this and more is why we continue to buy, use, and share Biometics day by day, week in and week out, month by month and yes, year after year!

This month, May, Biometics is unveiling the all new Cell Care --- completely reformulated using this new "Biocellular Micellization" technology. Nobody else in the world has access to this technology. We are a giant step up from ALL our competition (if we ever truly had any). Now more than ever, we have a nutritional delivery system that is going to rock the world of nutrition.

We can not only "DRINK" our products and "LOVE" the way they taste, and the way they make us "FEEL"... we can know that even more absorption assures even greater results long lasting from the use of Biometics Product Line.

You're Invited...

...to go quickly to http://www.mybiometicsstory.com/ and listen to the most recent podcasts about this new technology, and what it means to you and your health! Listen to Dr. Rutolo himself explain it! Listen to Chris Sanchez give the introduction. You're gonna love this!

There's no better time to be a "BIOMANIAC" than May of 2009! I'm sure of it! I trust this product line. I trust the manufacturer's of this product line. I trust the genius of Dr. Rutolo. I'm thrilled with the exclusivity of this brand new, revolutionary technology that ONLY Biometics has access to.

If Your Heart Could Ask A Favor Of You...

There's little doubt it would beg you to give the all new Cell Care a try. One bottle. Try it and see what might change in your life. It's not about what you take, it's about what your body can assimilate and actually use for your healthy benefits. So c'mon... do your heart a favor.

Have a fabulous week, month, year, and life...as only those who truly feel good inside and out can possibly do! Feel the difference...the Biometics Difference!

P.S. If you're not getting the products you want at the price you like, please give me a call. I can show you how to maximize your health benefits, as well as your paycheck. If you're not getting a paycheck from Biometics, consider telling a few friends what you have found, and you soon will be!

P.P.S. Did you know that there's a way you can save an additional 5% monthly just by ordering on autoship with small qualifications? You can still change, cancel or rearrange your order at random. There are tons of ways to save on products we use and love. "Q" Packs offer even greater savings monthly! All this is on TOP of your discount level!

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