Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Micellization~Vitamins or Nutritional Supplements

The word "Micellization" is fairly new to the world of vitamins and nutritional supplements. When you hear about it, you may well wonder what in the world it means. especially if you happen to know that the word has been used for a long time in the surfactant industry. That's surfactants as in detergents.

What the heck? Well...read on and find out.

Interestingly, the principle is the same. The word "micelles" means tiny little parts. And surfactants help turn dirt and other unwanted ingredients into tiny little bits so they can be easily flushed away. But what might happen if the same process is applied to nutritional supplements?

If you think about it for a moment, you may start to realize that the smaller components might be better able to get to where they need to go~including pass through cell walls. And that's exactly what happens.

So some companies have started to offer their supplements in Micellized liquid form. And the results? Those nutrients are absorbed by the body 3~5 times faster than those in standard supplements, i.e. pills. What this also means is that a larger portion of what you take goes directly to your cells instead of getting lost during the digestive process.

In order to work, therapeutic doses of vitamins, supplements or prescription medication get to where they need to go. And the degree to which they do so successfully is called bioavailability. And that's especially crucial when it comes to getting them inside the cells where they are suppose to do their work.

The drugs or nutritional elements must be small enough to be able to get through the cell membranes, and well, the micellization process assures that they are in just the right form to effectively get to where they need to go, and thus greatly improves their bioavailability.

So if you've been taking vitamins for years and have had doubts as to whether they were actually doing what they were suppose to do, you may just have discovered an answer. it may be time to start looking for micellized vitamins, so that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

If you want your body to use what you put into it, make sure it's an absorbable form.

Emusol Micellization...this state of the art process effectively delivers essential nutrients to the body by converting hard to absorb fat~soluble nutrients into water~soluble particles.

All of our products are made through this process.
You will feel the difference.

Advanced liquid vitamins you can feel often within minutes.
Do you really feel your vitamins? With Biometics, most people do.

Not all liquid nutrition is equal.
Just because it's liquid, doesn't mean your body will use it effectively.

Pills and tablets don't always work.
Your body has to break down and digest pills and tablets...a process that robs you of 80~90% of the nutrients you take in. What a waste!

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So, if you have been taking vitamins for years, in doubt whether they actually do what they should do, you may have found the answer. It might be time to start looking micellized vitamins, so you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

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