Friday, February 13, 2009

Women’s Heart Disease Awareness

February 4, 2005 was nationally recognized as GO RED Day, a recognition day for women’s cardiovascular health. Wearing red on February 4 to acknowledge cardiovascular disease as the most deadly illness faced by women in the United States. Not only is cardiovascular disease the leading cause of death in American women, it also claims more lives than the next seven causes of death combined. One in 2.5 women diagnosed with heart disease or stroke will die from the disease, while only one in 30 women diagnosed with breast cancer will die. On a more positive note, unlike cancers, heart disease is preventable through lifestyle change and awareness. The best way to lower your risk of dying of heart disease is to learn about cardiovascular disease, know the symptoms, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Cardiovascular disease includes disease of the heart and blood vessels. Problems often begin as early as childhood and develop over a lifetime. Gradually, plaque builds up inside the blood vessels and eventually can grow enough to significantly reduce the blood’s flow through the arteries. The most serious problems arise when the plaque becomes fragile and ruptures. If the plaque breaks away from the side of the blood vessel, it can cause a blood clot or travel to another part of the body, such as the brain.

A stroke is a blood clot in the brain. When nutrients and oxygen to or from the brain are blocked, it causes that part of the brain to begin to die. For this reason, stroke is a major cause of paralysis and reduction of motor skills.

Here is a list of things anyone can do to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease:

* Visit your doctor regularly
* Get your blood pressure checked
* Do not smoke or expose yourself to second-hand smoke
* Eat a healthy diet low in saturated fat
* Exercise regularlyControl diabetes for life

For more information on GO RED and cardiovascular disease prevention, go to

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May you have all the wealth you deserve, the health you desire, and the free time yourequire to enjoy your life.

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